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Welcome to Drainage Solutions

With over 30 years experience Drainage Solutions can help with any Drainage issue. From unblocking blocked drains, filming drains to find the exact problem to fixing them.

All services are performed by fully Qualified and/or certified experts in the Drainage industry.

We hold pride in making sure our customers receive a friendly, reliable &cost effective solution.

We are master plumber, site safe & ACC registered.

Please see below for our services or call today for your free Quote. 


Service Anchor
Drainage Solutions & Design Ltd
Above & Beyond

Our Drainage Services can be anything from a blocked drain, broken drain, new drains to on-going maintenance and major repairs. With over 30 years’ experience theres no wonder we are experts in what we do. Our services include-


  • Drain Unblocking 

  • Camera Inspections & Locator 

  • Drain Laying of New & Existing Drains

  • Drain Coil Instillation 

  • Flooding Problems Fixed

  • Pump systems to remove water

  • Basement Drainage 

  • Root cutting & removal from Drains

Pearpoint Technology to find the blockage in the blocked drains
Pearpoint Technology to find the blockage in the blocked drains
                     Jetting Unit,
          Underground Camera &                                  Locator

Drainage Solutions wants you to have the best quality service while also being the cheapest in Dunedin.


  • Our high pressured jetting unit is not only designed to unblock drains it is also great for getting your drains cleaned to prevent blockages in the future.


  • We have a Powerful root cutter that can get through those pesky roots blocking your drain.


  • Our Pearpoint camera is designed for pipeline inspections to give you the best result by locating the problem without digging unnecessary holes. Designed to work in the treacherous terrain of active foul water sewers, they pull the furthest resulting in few interruptions and greater productivity.


With our experienced team and the Pearpoint technology you can guarantee an efficient service here at Drainage Solutions. 


 Old Earthenware

                          DIG UP WORK 

Sometimes if we can't clear your drains we may need to use our camera to check your drain line. If we find there's a broken part of your drain good news is we can fix it!

No repair is too big or small for our team at Drainage Solutions.

We remove old Earthenware pipes and replace with new PVC pipe and connections that has a 30 year guarantee.


Sumps & pumps can be installed in driveways, backyards to move water away were its pools.  Also an excellent idea for basements and driveways that flood.

New PVC Pipe

Pearpoint Technology to find the blockage in the blocked drains

      Drain Coil 

Drainage Solutions can get those drain coil jobs done, big or small areas we have the tools and equipment plus friendly staff to complete these jobs. 

Drain coil is a corrugated subsoil drainage system that is designed to relive ground water in areas that are at risk of damage due to water saturation.

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About Anchor

We are Dunedin owned and operated experts in drain unblocking and drain laying. With over 30 years experience and the latest equipment, no job is too big or too small for our team here at Drainage Solutions.  

Get your free quote today.

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